List of semiregular variable stars

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This is a list of semiregular variable stars. Variability ranges are taken from the General Catalogue of Variable Stars (GCVS) where these are visual magnitudes, otherwise from the International Variable Star Index (VSX). Spectral types are taken from the GCVS, which may differ from more recent MK spectral types but often defines a range.

Star Constellation Discovery Maximum (mV) Minimum (mV) Range Period (days) Spectral Type Type Comment
θ Aps Apus   4m.65 6m.20 1.55 119 M7III SRb  
β And (Mirach) Andromeda   2m.01 2m.10 0.09 119 M0IIIa SRb suspected
Z Aqr Aquarius   7m.4 10m.2 2.8 136.6 M1e-M7III SRa  
V Aql Aquila   6m.6 8m.4 1.8 353 C5,4-C6,4(N6) SRb  
W Boö Boötes   4m.49 5m.40 0.67 450 M2-M4III SRb:  
VZ Cam Camelopardalis   4m.80 4m.96 0.16 23.7 M4IIIa Lb in GCVS
Y CVn (La Superba) Canes Venatici   4m.8 6m.3 1.5 160 C5,4J(N3) SRb one of the reddest stars visible to the unaided eye
ρ Cas Cassiopeia L.D.Wells (1901) 4m.1 6m.2 2.1 320 F8pIa-K0pIa-0 SRd
WZ Cas Cassiopeia   6m.3 8m.5 2.2 C9,2JLi(N1p) SRb Visual double star, visible through binoculars
V806 Cen Centaurus   4m.16 4m.26 0.1 12 M5III SRb  
T Cen Centaurus   5m.5 9m.0 3.5 90.44 K0:e-M4II:e SRa classified as RV Tauri variable by some
V810 Cen Centaurus   4m.95 5m.12 0.17 130 F5-G0Ia-0 SRd B1 Iab companion
μ Cep (Herschel's Garnet Star) Cepheus William Herschel (1782) 3m.43 5m.10 1.67 730 M2eIa SRc  
SS Cep Cepheus   6m.5 7m.7 1.2 90 M5III SRb  
AR Cep Cepheus   7m.0 7m.9 0.9 ~364 M4III SRb  
T Cet Cetus   4m.96 6m.90 1.94 159 M5-6SIIe SRc  
T Cnc Cancer Hind (1850) 7m.6 10m.5 2.9 482 C3,8-C5,5(R6-N6) SRb  
X Cnc Cancer   5m.69 6m.94 1.25 180 C5,4(N3) SRb  
RR CrB Corona Borealis   7m.3 8m.2 0.9 60.8 M3-M6 SRb  
W Cyg Cygnus   5m.10 6m.83 1.73 131 M4e-M6e(Tc:)III SRb  
AF Cyg Cygnus   6m.4 7m.7 1.3 92.5 M5e-M7 SRb  
U Del Delphinus   6m.14 7m.61 1.47 110 M5II-III SRb  
EU Del Delphinus   5m.79 6m.9 1.11 59.7 M6.4III SRb  
η Gem (Propus) Gemini Schmidt (1865) 3m.15 3m.90 0.75 233 M3IIIab SRa also Algol eclipsing binary?
α Her (Rasalgethi) Hercules William Herschel (1759) 2m.74 4m.00 1.26 M5Ib-II SRc  
30 Her Hercules   4m.3 6m.3 2.0 89.2 M6III SRb  
X Her Hercules   5m.8 7m.0 1.1 95.0 M6e SRb  
U Hya Hydra   4m.56 5m.40 2.4 ~450 C6.5,3(N2)(Tc) SRb  
RX Lep Lepus   5m.0 7m.4 2.4 ~60 M6.2III SRb  
σ Lib (Brachium) Libra   3m.20 3m.46 0.26 20 M5III SRb  
R Lyr Lyra   3m.88 5m.00 1.12 ~46 M5III SRb  
α Ori (Betelgeuse) Orion John Herschel (1840) 0m.0 1m.3 1.3 2,335 M1-M2Ia-Ibe SRc  
W Ori Orion   5m.5 6m.9 4.2 212 C5,4(N5) SRb  
CK Ori Orion   5m.9 7m.1 1.2 ~120 K2IIIe: probably not variable
S Pav Pavo   6m.6 10m.4 3.8 381 M7IIe-M8III SRa  
GZ Peg Pegasus   4m.95 5m.23 0.28 92.66 M4SIII SRa  
ρ Per Perseus   3m.30 4m.00 0.70 ~50 M4IIb-IIIa SRb  
R Pic Pictor   6m.35 10m.10 3.75 171 M1IIe-M4IIe  
L2 Puppis Puppis   2m.6 6m.2 3.6 141 M5IIIe-M6IIIe SRb  
VX Sgr Sagittarius   6m.52 14m.00 7.08 732 M4eIa-M10eIa SRc one of the largest stars known
η Scl Sculptor Cousins/Stoy (1962) 4m.8 4m.9 0.1 M4IIIa SRb  
τ4 Ser Serpens   5m.89 7m.07 1.18 100 M5IIb-IIIa SRb  
CE Tau Taurus   4m.23 4m.54 0.31 165 M2Iab-Ib SRc  
SS Vir Virgo   6m.0 9m.6 3.6 364.14 C6,3e(Ne) SRa
SV UMa Ursa Major   9m.1 10m.6 3.2 76 G1Ibe-K3Iap SRd
Z UMa Ursa Major   6m.2 9m.4 3.2 196 M5IIIe SRb  
RR UMi Ursa Minor   4m.44 4m.85 0.41 43.3 M5III SRb  

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